Quicknote: SCCM 2012 server contains a huge SMSSIG$ directory.

A quick heads-up for SCCM admins. I came across this nasty issue and together with a colleague we quickly resolved this issue before matters got worse.
Since the answer cannot be found on the Microsoft Support site at the time of writing, you can find it here.

The problem

We were seeing diskspace melting away on our SCCM server. The SMSSIG$ directory was growing at an alarming rate and nobody knew why.
We set out to investigate and found out that some packages where present more that 24.000 times! But what where those things there and why were they duplicating like gremlins..?

The packages weren’t that big but in total we were talking about 250 GB!!!

The Search and Solution

Once we found one of the package-id’s.:
We copy pasted the id in the SCCM console to find the culprit. After we found the package using the ID, we started digging around in the Configuration Console to see what was happening.

It turned out to be one (1) simple checkmark that was causing the pain:

This might seem trivial and silly of course but something like this can be easily missed if you have hunderds of packages stuffed in your SCCM environment.
So in the end this seemed to be a simple case of somebody trying a:

Just clear the checkbox and then cleanup the corresponding files in the SMSSIG$ folder.
(and leave the last couple versions just to make sure that SCCM will stay happy).

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