App-v Error when trying to start an application: 82C-00000003

Had to grapple with a tricky problem today. A user was getting this error message when trying to start application BLA_BLA_01:
“The system cannot find the specified path”
Error code xxxxxx-xxxxxx82C-00000003. This was odd because this had been a working package up till now…

I first checked the App-v client and indeed, the package was not present or known to the client. There were no errors in the App-v log.
Since we have the packages pushed to our Citrix servers through SCCM, the SCCM logfiles were my next stop.
After some digging I saw the following in the AppEnforce.log on my Citrix Server:

<![LOG[The client has already installed a same or higher AppV package version (1) by App Delivery Type ScopeId_2A2CFADE-3EE7-478A-AD0B-FE98B88D1123/DeploymentType_0157eaf0-d6c5-41db-85e5-9de91363ac99. We will not install a same or lower version (1) for App Delivery Type ScopeId_2A2CFADE-3EE7-478A-AD0B-FE98B88D1123/DeploymentType_5db5bcac-bdb8-4b74-87af-5d769dde4301]LOG]!><time=”02:19:29.116-60″ date=”11-07-2013″ component=”AppEnforce” context=”” type=”2″ thread=”5160″ file=”appvhandler.cpp:2638″>
<![LOG[CAppVHandler::InstallAppVPackageForDT() failed to install the virtual application package [BLA_BLA_01], error (0x87d01286).]LOG]!><time=”02:19:29.116-60″ date=”11-07-2013″ component=”AppEnforce” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”5160″  file=”appvhandler.cpp:1672″>
<![LOG[We cannot install this version because a higher version is already installed on the client by different deployment type]LOG]!><time=”02:19:29.116-60″ date=”11-07-2013″ component=”AppEnforce” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”5160″ file=”appvhandler.cpp:1131″>

What the <bleep> is SCCM talking about..?
We cannot install this version because a higher version is already installed on the client by different deployment type?
There is only one version of the package available on SCCM…or is there..?

I went into the App-V package directory of the BLA_BLA_01 application and opened the .osd file.
I then copied the GUID portion of the Application and did a search for this guid amongst the other osd files on the SCCM server.
Holy hamburger Batman
Holy hamburger Batman! It looks like the problem application has an exact evil twin in a completely different package:

It looks like this App-v package has been created on a VM without using a clean snapshot. Tim Mangan has written about this in the past here and here.
Now, how do we fix this:
The solution is pretty simple after you’ve discovered which sucka has been messing up your good day:
Go into the configuration manager console and delete the deployment of the package and create a new deployment that “uninstalls” the “twin” package from the Citrix boxes.
After that the BLA_BLA_01 package was immediately being imported again on each Citrix server.

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