How to make internet explorer open a list of urls one at a time

Last week I had a problem with 1 of my servers. The problem seemed to revolve around a certain site being visited.
I was able to obtain a list of the sites that had been visited from that server. So now the only thing I needed to do was to visit the sites in the list.
Since I wasn’t too eager to copy/paste each url into an IE window this is what I did.

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Use your eventlogs as CSI material

When troubleshooting an issue, the eventlog is the first place one would look. If you’re lucky you might find a clue what is happening, on that troublesome server. POW! There, I found it…cool! Now you want to know since when this error has been occurring or if it has occurred before. How would you go about accomplishing this..?

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Microsoft releases SNP rollup pack hotfix

Microsoft has released a rollup pack for the dreaded SNP features that were introduced in SP2 for Windows Server 2003.
If you don’t use the SNP features (or don’t want to)the 948496 KB is all you need. If for some reason you DO decide to use SNP have a look at this KB Article
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Which process is keeping this file in use in Windows 2003?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to replace a file but you couldn’t because Windows (2003) kept saying it was in use in Windows? Well today was one of those days where I was struggling to replace a corrupt Softgrid package on the Softgrid Server but kept getting: "File is being used by another person or program". This is how I managed to track the culprit down.

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RDP 6.1 Client finally arrived

Windows logoYippie..Microsoft has now released a final version of the RDP client in which you can administer 2008 machines from XP.
These are some of the supported features of Remote Desktop Client 6.1 for Windows XP SP2:

  • Windows Server 2008 & Windows Vista feature support
  • TS Web Access support
  • TS Easy Print support
  • TS Remote Programs support
  • TS Gateway support
    Read the full document here…

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