Testdriving Paragon’s Partition Alignment Tool v 2.0

Partition Alignment in Virtual Machines is an issue that popped up a couple of years back and created a lot of blogfood at the time.
The process to enjoy this newly found wisdom used to be painful and involve a lot of moving data to newly properly aligned partitions. And as for the systemdrive…that was even worse!

Now fast forward to 2010 and apparently I’ve been stuck under a rock for quite some time because Paragon released a tool a while back that is supposed to make this task easier.
I took the Paragon Partition Alignment tool (v 2.0) for a quick test-drive and wanted to share the video with you..enjoy!  (for best results: view it in HD and fullscreen!)
The installation of the program is not in the video because it was literally next,next finish!

Testdriving Paragon Partition Alignment Tool (PAT 2.0) from Virtualistic.nl on Vimeo.

After I did the testdrive, I also tried to push the application trough VMWare ThinApp which actually works!
The only caveat being that I wasn’t able to use the ThinApp Paragon application to realign systemdrives. (the system would just boot without starting the realignment process). However, if the only thing you want to re-align are non-systemdrives, the ThinApp version work just fine which saves a lot of installation hassles.

Resources on Partition alignment:
Recommendations for Aligning VMFS Partitions
Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere 4.0
Paragon Alignment document

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